PRE-ORDER: 'From Punk To Monk: A Memoir' (Ray Cappo/Raghunath Das) Book

PRE-ORDER: 'From Punk To Monk: A Memoir' (Ray Cappo/Raghunath Das) Book

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The heartfelt memoir of Ray "Raghunath" Cappo, a legendary hardcore punk musician-turned-monk—and pioneer of the straight edge movement—told with warmth, candor, and humor.

Ray Cappo was a hardcore punk musician and pioneer of the straight edge movement living on the Lower East Side of New York City in the 80s, where his band Youth of Today guided thousands of fans toward clean living. Despite this success, Ray struggled with one burning question: How do we find lasting happiness in a temporary world?

This question, along with his father’s untimely death, led him to abruptly quit the band and buy a one-way ticket to India in search of peace, love, and the answers to life’s great mysteries. Living among monks in the sacred city of Vrindavan, Ray embraced the rich, spiritual culture he discovered there. Radically transformed, he returned to the US, where he founded the band Shelter, devoted to spreading a message of hope. Told with warmth, candor, and humor, this heartfelt memoir chronicles Ray’s journey from punk to monk and beyond.

368 pages

Mandala Publishing

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