Hi Guys, thanks for your interest in the HOUSE OF DEVARISHI!
Here's some questions folks asked us over time, so we thought it's best to publish a little Q&A. 
All feedback is welcome, please drop us a note.

Do you guys ship worldwide?

We do ship worldwide. Anything. Anywhere. We are based in Germany and our postal service works fine. If you're a first-time fella and you're not sure if your remote village is DHL friendly, be assured we've already shipped to all corners on this planet no problem. Be sure to put a valid postal address in your order form and all will be ok. 

Why did your system ask for my phone number when I placed my order? 

This is a fair and important point: our shipping method includes that you will have to sign the delivery of your package at your door. If it should happened that you're not at home the mail service can get in touch with you and tell you to come pick up your package. Better safe than sorry...

Ich hab gehört, Ihr verschickt versandkostenfrei?

Ab einem Bestellwert von 75€ schicken wir Dir Dein Paket gratis mit DHL zu. Allerdings gilt das nur für Besteller, die eine deutsche Lieferadresse haben.  

Ich wollte ein T-Shirt bestellen und das soll 6,00 € Porto innerhalb Deutschlands kosten - echt jetzt?

Wenn Du mit den Portokosten nicht einverstanden bist, dann melde Dich bitte per Email bevor Du eine Bestellung abschließt und wir kümmern uns um Dein Anliegen. Kosten für abgeschlossene Bestellungen können im Nachgang nicht reklamiert oder korrigiert werden. 

Wir verschicken mit DHL, d.h. zu zahlst Dein Porto für ein Paket mit Sendungsverfolgungsnummer. Wir stehen auf Nachverfolgung, um im Notfall einen Nachweis in der Hand zu haben. 

Grundsätzlich: für Menschen mit einer deutschen Lieferadresse bemessen sich die Portokosten nach dem Bestellwert. Egal was, egal wieviel, egal wie schwer. Beläuft sich Dein Bestellwert auf >75€ geht das Porto aufs Haus. Wir finden, dass ist ein fairer Deal, insbesondere für Menschen, die Vinyl bei uns ordern. 

What payment Methods do you accept?

We can do Mastercard, Visa and PayPal. If you have none of these digital ways of payment, an oldschool Banktransfer is still possible and free of fees within the European Community. Please get in touch if you prefer this option.

 I just placed a order and mixed up a T-Shirt size. Can I change that detail at this time?

If you have made an error in your order details, please reach out to us as soon as possible and we will do our best to assist you!

Can I cancel or change my order once it has been placed?

No, once an order has been placed we are unable to alter or cancel the order. We start processing orders immediately after they are placed to ensure they arrive as quickly as possible. If you need to cancel your order, please reach out to us as soon as possible and we will do our best to assist you!

What does 'PRE-ORDER' mean?

Pre-Order means a advertised product is in the making and not physically available at the moment we make a 'Pre-Order'-Call. The reason for setting up a Pre-Order is simple, most of the stuff we print or order comes in limited numbers. If you choose to participate and place a Pre-Order the item is already reserved for you. We serve our Pre-Order customers first, so you can be sure once the item is physically at the House, it will be out in the mail the next day. We recommand you jump on board and Pre-Order if you don't want to miss out! 

I'm a record collector and would like to get some Vinyl you don't carry in the shop. Can you help me out?

We sure can! We have a selected group of Vinyl enthusiasts that have a very specific and particular taste. These guys do get a special service. If you are a record collector and need assistance, please get in touch with Dharmavit Das: Dharmavit@houseofdevarishi.com

I have a Distro / Shop / Retail Platform and would like to get DEVARISHI Stuff. Do you guys do Wholesale?

We don't do Wholesale on all of our products but for special releases we go with the flow. Please get in touch and we see what we can do you for. 

I play in a Band and would like to do a Co-Lab T-Shirt with DEVARISHI, you guys up for it?

Well, if we're into your Band, we might give it a go! Drop us a note.

I'm looking for the new LP of Band 'XY', why don't you carry it?

We only sell and support what we really, really like ourselves. so maybe this release just isn't our cup of tea?!

What's all this hocus-pocus with hindu gods, incense, fairy dust and whatnot?

We believe that HC and Spirituality go together well. We're happy that our community is growing and is taking interest. We only promote what we use, wear and listen to ourselves. We are not sponsored by any third party hidden in the shades. What you see is what you get. Like it or leave it. It's that simple.

Can I come visit the HOUSE OF DEVARISHI? You guys have a walk-in store?

Well, if you ask nicely we might invite you to the House for a cup of coffee. Other than that we don't have a physical store and only sell thru this platform. 

My English is a little rusty. Can we talk anyways?

But of course, please get in touch if you have any questions, feedback or requests - we do speak English, German and Italian.