For all countries (domestic, EU and International destinations) Deutsche Post / DHL is our carrier of choice. They offer fair shipping costs and fairly quick delivery, no matter where you're located on the planet. Your order will be trackable within the System and handed over to you personally. We do ship fast, usually within 24h. You will be notified via Email.
We try to handle the order transaction as smoothly as possible, the only thing we do ask is: PLEASE provide a VALID shipping address. We trust you know best where to send your order to. Make sure a delivery is possible for the mailman, so the package doesn't get send back to us. If a package should be returned to us because of a invalid shipping address or you didn't pick up your stuff at your local postoffice we will not pay the shipping costs to send it out again. You will. Also, if there should be fees to pay for the return to us, like international retour or customs, we will ask you to cover the costs. So:
Let's please avoid the hassle! 
We are obligated to accept returns but we'd prefer you double-check before you place a order if you're really into what you clicked on. 
If there should be a problem with an item you received, please do get in touch and we'll work it out - promise!
All sale items and bundles cannot be returned unless otherwise required by local laws.