Before there was the HOUSE OF DEVARISHI, our Merch Label was called SOULCRAFT.  These are the Chronicles of the SOULCRAFT Merch makery.   ॐ SLC-01: Narasimah, EarthPositive T-Shirt, Silkscreen Print, Design by Jon A. Gaasland, 2015, SOLD OUT.   SLC-02: Lion of Judah, Fruit of the Loom T-Shirt, Silkscreen Print, Design by Michelle Olaya Ortega, 2016, SOLD OUT.   SLC-03: Narasimha with Vishnu Gada, Gildan Ultra Cotton Longsleeve, Silkscreen Print, Design by Freddy Twice, 2017, SOLD OUT.   SLC-04: Narasimha Mantra, Gildan Ultra Cotton Longsleeve, Silkscreen Print, Design by Ellen & Ronke EPDMC, 2017, SOLD OUT.   SLC-06: My Culture is Krsna, Gildan Heavy Cotton T-Shirt, Silkscreen Print, Design by Golokananda Das & Ronke EPDMC, 2017, SOLD OUT.   SLC-07: Vishnu, Gildan Heavy Cotton T-Shirt, Silkscreen Print, Design by Sevaparayana Krishna Das, 2017, SOLD OUT.   SLC-07: Vaishnava Straight Edge, Gildan Heavy Cotton T-Shirt, Silkscreen Print, Sportsgrey and Blue...

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