CIRCLES 'Resonate' 7" EP

CIRCLES 'Resonate' 7" EP

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Vinyl Colour: blue and opaque yellow
Release: August 2019

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CIRCLES was born in 2017 around Nantes/France. Theyplay a heavily influenced Dischord style of melodic punk hardcore, that reminds directly the golden age of Washington D.C. ’86 Summer revolution bands like Embrace, Dag Nasty, Rites Of Spring and Fugazi. You can even find some reminds of Ebullition ’90 emo hardcore. Fueled with punk culture in all its diversity, the 5 members of CIRCLES meet each other under a positive and political approach of hardcore. Lyrics mainly focusing on the idea that it is necessary to emancipate ourselves from the current world through collective action and the joy we can find in it. The 4-song EP was recorded and mixed by Antoine Gandon (Homesick, Heavy Heart) and mastered by Brian McTernan (Battery, Ashes) at Salad Days Studio in Baltimore. With 12 songs, thedigital download contains CIRCLE’s complete discography: the 4-Song EP Resonate, the 7-Song 2017 Demo and an exclusive remix of the song Anatta.

Side A            

Guns'n Bruises                         

Grey Wind                                

Side B