PADMA PURANA 'Gita Stories' - Children Book

PADMA PURANA 'Gita Stories' - Children Book

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8 Gita stories from Padma Purana, which were spoken by Lord Siva to his wife Parvati, also called Gita-Mahatmya. Retold and Illustrated by Ananta-Sakti Das.

In these wonderful tales of wisdom from ancient India are many colorful characters, like talking parrots, giant swans, lordly elephants as well as kings, sages, saints and sinners who teach us how to get free from the endless cycle of birth and death simply by remembering the immortal words of Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad-gita.


1. Preface
2. Introduction
3. Story One – Susharma, the Bull and the Parrot
4. Story Two – The Brahmana, Tiger, Goat and Monkey
5. Story Three – The Ghost Attains a Visnu Form
6. Story Four – Cursed to Become Trees
7. Story Five – The Vulture and the Parrot
8. Story Six – The Great Sage Raikva
9. Story Seven – The Treasure of the Snake-Ghost
10. Story Eight – Two Ghosts and a Date Palm Tree
11. Story Nine – The Goat Sacrifice
12. Story Ten – The Giant Black Swan
13. Story Eleven – A Curse and a Blessing
14. Story Twelve – The Prince Saves the King
15. Story Thirteen – The Tiger’s Story
16. Story Fourteen – The Dog and a Rabbit
17. Story Fifteen – The Commander Becomes a Horse
18. Story Sixteen – The King and the Elephant
19. Story Seventeen – Dushashan Becomes an Elephant
20. Story Eighteen – The New Indra

96 pages, Softcover, all colored illustrations, 21 x 28 cm, English Edition, Touchstone Media, ISBN 9788193727638