BLUE CHAKRA SCARF 'Vishuddha' Shawl

BLUE CHAKRA SCARF 'Vishuddha' Shawl

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You can use a chakra balancing scarf for balancing your own energy field (the aura). The colour of the scarf stimulates equilibrium and healing, and will make your aura stronger.

Chakra 5: Throat Chakra - Vishuddha

Properties of the personality:
Loyal, discreet, hearty, inspiring, full of ideas, considerate and cautious. Blue is a spiritual colour and is connected with self-expression: speech, communication, being able to express one's needs. In the spirit of truth and goal-orientedness. Blue has a calming effect on the nervous system, and provides room for relaxation, thus helping with sleep disorders and hyperactive children. Connects us with our holistic mind and gives us wisdom and insight, also improving communication and speech.

Textile Color: blue with tassels

Format: 70 x 200 cm

Material: 100% Viscose

Hand wash in luke-warm water, do not place in dryer

Handmade in Nepal