OM 'Sunwheel' Wall Hanger

OM 'Sunwheel' Wall Hanger

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OM is regarded as the germ or primordial syllable of creation. OM is the vibration of the moment when the breath becomes the word. A sound that doesn t belong to any language and was before all languages. Its sound is so strong that its repetition can lead to deep meditation and insight. OM creates peace and deep peace.

The Gayatri Mantra is an ancient mantra from the Vedas. It connects us to the divine. It energizes us with Prana and gives us a long life in health, purity and wisdom and awakens us to the universal consciousness of enlightenment and to the realization of the non-dual, absolute and all-encompassing unity of consciousness.

Ø: 13 cm / 5"

Material: metal