MC YOGI: 'SPIRITUAL GRAFFITI: Finding My True Path' Book

MC YOGI: 'SPIRITUAL GRAFFITI: Finding My True Path' Book

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MC YOGI’s remarkable story of transformation through yoga and music.

Before he was one of the most well-known yoga teachers in North America and an international hip hop artist, MC YOGI was a juvenile delinquent who was kicked out of three schools, sent to live at a group home for at-risk youth, arrested for vandalism, and caught up in a world of drugs, chaos and carelessness.

At eighteen, fate brought him to his first yoga class. After discovering yoga, MC YOGI devoted himself to the practice. From traveling to India to study with gurus to living and learning with many American yoga masters, MC YOGI soaked in the knowledge that would revolutionize his entire life and put him on the path to healing, wholeness, and peace.

Through technicolor stories of graffiti and guns, mystics and musicians, love, loss, and finding his soul’s purpose, MC YOGI’s journey is saturated in spiritual wisdom, illuminating the potential for transformation within us all.  

272 Pages, Softcover, 13 x 20.5 cm, English Edition, HarperOne, ISBN 978-0062572820