MC YOGI 'Elephant Powered Omstrumentals' CD

MC YOGI 'Elephant Powered Omstrumentals' CD

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Format: CD
Release: 2008
Label: WHITE SWAN Records

MC Yogi’s chart topping debut album Elephant Power introduced the world to "Yoga Hip Hop.” Now, today’s top remix artists offer their unique take on your favorite chakra-rocking tracks.

Showcasing MC Yogi's conscious lyrics against a soundscape of earth shaking bass, boom-bastic world beats and ecstatic dance rhythms, these Elephant Powered Remixes are sure to raise the vibration on the dance floor and get you into the Yoga groove.

Omstrumentals are instrumental versions of your favorite MC Yogi tracks. Beautifully remastered, this specially-priced 2-CD set of sacred world grooves provide the perfect soundtrack for your yoga practice and beyond.