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Format: CD
Release: 2010
Label: Mantralogy / Equal Vision Records

Live Your Love by SRI Kirtan opens the joys of kirtan and chanting to the world. Esthetically captivating and spiritually uplifting Live Your Love features a mixture of Sanskrit and English lyrics sung in non-traditional tunes.

“I had traveled through the musical world, from folk to punk then opera to electronica and finally here to world spiritual music,” says Ishwari, SRI Kirtan band member. “It’s a dream to join forces with Sruti Ram who comes with 40 years of kirtan leading experience aside from his background in Gregorian chant, opera and doo-wop.”

This unbelievable duo create an explosive fusion of ancient chants mixed with folk/gospel/hip hop creating some of the catchiest tunes ever heard in the kirtan/chant scene.


  • Govinda
  • Live Your Love
  • Sri Ram
  • Jai Jagadambe
  • Madhura-Radhe Krishna
  • Jai Radha
  • Bhambhole Nath-Nataraja
  • Ganga Ma