KRISHNA DAS 'Trust In The Heart' CD

KRISHNA DAS 'Trust In The Heart' CD

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Format: CD
Release: 2017
Label: Krishna Das Music

On ”Trust in the Heart," his 15th and newest full-length cd release, Krishna Das invokes the presence of Maharajji on the track "Namoh." In his now ultra- familiar, deep, sincere and rich baritone, he chants slowly and steadily, "Om Namoh Gurudev Neem Karoli Baabaaya Namah" over and over again. The groove is restrained, sparse and super deep, while Krishna Das’s voice, stronger than it has ever sounded, establishes the perfect space for that mysterious and elusive divine presence to manifest.
The effect is striking.
In "Trust in the Heart," Krishna Das, who produced this album along with longtime friend Jay Messina, has woven together what is perhaps his most stripped-down, elegantly uncompromising collection of recordings since "Door of Faith" was released in 2003, and the carefully crafted simplicity of its delivery is powerful. On this album, all music was recorded in a live studio setting with KD’s leading vocals accompanied by all musicians at once.

Tracking List:

1. Guru Puja

2. Sundhara Chalisa

3. Namoh

4. Devi Chan

5. River Of Mahamantra (feat. Janaki Kagel)

6. Prema Chalisa