ORANGE CHAKRA SCARF 'Svadhishthana' Shawl

ORANGE CHAKRA SCARF 'Svadhishthana' Shawl

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You can use a chakra balancing scarf for balancing your own energy field (the aura). The colour of the scarf stimulates equilibrium and healing, and will make your aura stronger.

2.Chakra: Sacrum / Svadhishthana

resonates with happiness, trust and resourcefulness and supports the positive aspects of the personality:
Enthusiastic, joyfull, social, energetic, sportive, confident and with a positive attitude. Orange is the colour of success and represents self-appreciation and a zest for life. Orange supports emotional stability and expansion. Stimulates a positive relation with our senses and makes us at the same time self-reliant and social.

Textile Color: golden orange with yellow tassels

Format: 70 x 200 cm

Material: 100% Viscose

Hand wash in luke-warm water, do not place in dryer

Handmade in Nepal