HARINAM CHADAR 'Fuchsia Red' Shawl

HARINAM CHADAR 'Fuchsia Red' Shawl

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The ‚Harinam Chadar’ is a traditional shawl worn by devotees dancing, singing and praising the Holy Names in public, performing 'Harinam Sankirtan'. The Hare Krsna Maha-Mantra and Vaishnava Symbols are printed on the shawl. 

The traditional wrap printed with the Hare Krishna Maha-Mantra. This chadar is made from 100% hand block cotton, a blend of all natural fiber that feels soft and comfortable.

Textile Color: fuchsia red

Format: 2,25 m x 1,14 m / 88 x 44 inches

Material: 100% Rayon (Viscose)

Wash Care: Handwash with cold water