MC YOGI 'Mantras, Beats & Meditations' CD

MC YOGI 'Mantras, Beats & Meditations' CD

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Format: CD
Release: 2014
Label: WHITE SWAN Records

Mantras beats and meditations started as an simple idea: to make a record for yogis that would serve as a backdrop for the practices of yoga and meditation. At first the album was going to be an instrumental record that was more of a soundscape, but as the tracks started to take form it became clear that the teachings wanted to shine through . So, with a notebook full of lyrics I made a few calls and enlisted the help of three incredibly talented beat scientists.

First I called Jomial, whose Shaolin-influenced production style and bass heavy beats always make my head nod and entice me to rhyme.

Then I reached out to the Maestro and my right hand man, Robin Livingston, whose talents surpass any measuring devices. Robin's cosmic and brilliant mixing and production always bring out the best in me, and when he agreed I knew it was going to be magic.

Last but not least, we called up the Sound Ambassador himself, DJ Drez, whose beats have been knocking in my yoga classes for years. Drez often tours with us and always brings the best vibes.

Then, to deepen the sound, we brought in virtuoso Benjy Wertheimer on sarod, Michael Fecskes on cello and added the beautiful voice of Amanda Giacomini.