Cederwood Incense Cones

Cederwood Incense Cones

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Green Line Cones are made from a high quality paste and smell a lot more intense than incense sticks because there is more material to be burnt. These cones contain a large amount of pure essential oil.

Cedar is warm and sweetish scent that gives an insight into the purity and dignity of the orient.

1 Package contains 10 cones and includes a ceramic holder.

Green Line is 100% organic and eco-friendly. 

ATTENTION: DEVARISHI is not responsible if you're burning down your house or harm yourself because you're using fire items in a unsafe, irresponsible way. Please be advised to use fireproof items to burn incense inside your home. Don't leave burning incense unattended at any time! Don't leave burning incense unattended with children, elderly folks or pets. 

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