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Called the “All-healer,” Amethyst is one of the most effective crystals for healing people, plants and animals. 

What can an Amethyst Crystal do for you?

Amethyst carry the strongest power to rid your home of negative energy, making them the best ones to fill your home with. These crystals can be placed on your fireplace or your altar—somewhere central in your house, so that the amethyst healing properties can radiate to every room. They also make wonderful additions to a child’s room because of their gentle and soothing energy. Amethyst crystals are even thought to help people who have trouble falling asleep. Placing an Amethyst cluster in your business is thought to attract abundance and bring new opportunities walking through the door.

What is Rudraksha?

According to 'Shiva Purana', Lord Shiva once went into deep meditation for the well being of all living creatures. When he woke up, he opened his eyes and teardrops fell on the earth. These teardrops took the form of seeds that later on became the Rudraksha tree. Rudraksha therefore means 'The Tear of Lord Shiva'. The dry seed-capsules from the Rudraksha tree form these beads, which are being used for Japamalas. They remind us to breath deeply rather than give in to our darkness.

The materials used for this Mala:
Blue Bead Cord, 8 mm Dark Amethyst Crystal Beads, Glass Beads, Silver Elements, Faceted Blue Agate Beads, Rudraksha Beads and a bright red Cotton Tassel.

Approx. Lenght of the Mala including the Tassel-part: 54 cm / 21 inches


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