PREMA HARA 'Sweet Surrender' CD

PREMA HARA 'Sweet Surrender' CD

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Format: CD
Release: 2010
Label: Mantralogy / Equal Vision Records

A fusion of innovation and tradition, Prema Hara’s debut album reveals the devotional mood of sweet surrender to the Divine. Kirtan’s ebb and flow of call and response invites you to invoke the Sacred through sound. Mellow, meditative songs build into ecstatic grooves, creating a joyful celebration of the spirit. Kirtan is the music of the heart; a calling of the soul.


1. Shyamasundari Radhe

2. Mother Of The World (Jagadamba)

3. Udu Sita Ram

4. Sunrise Hare Krishna

5. Shiva Appears (Om Namah Shivaya)

6. Radhika Ramana

7. Sweet Surrender (Shri Krishna Govinda)