EAR CANDLES, 1 Pair in Box

EAR CANDLES, 1 Pair in Box

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Ear candles are hollow tubes coated in wax which are inserted into persons' ear and then lit at the far end. The procedure is used as a complementary therapy for a wide range of conditions. The effect is very relaxing and calming.
It is said that ear candles come from the Pueblo Tribes of North America. A special filter takes care that no hot wax or too much condensation can reach the ear.

All ear candles come with CE-certificate and description (German).

Manufactured in Germany.
 Only high quality materials are being used. The essential oils come from a certified organic cultivation and are Ecocert-certified. The beeswax and the cotton cloth are purely natural free of perfumes.

1 Box contains one pair, approx. L. 22cm; 1 ear candle burns approx. 12 minutes. Not to be used alone!

ATTENTION: DEVARISHI is not responsible if you're burning down your house or harm yourself because you're using fire items in a unsafe, irresponsible way.  Don't leave burning objects unattended with children, elderly folks or pets.